company history

Grant Cardone, CEO of Cardone Acquisitions has been investing in Multi-Family Real Estate since the mid-1990s, successfully navigating through good and bad markets. With over 45 transactions in 8 states including California, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Florida, he has a proven track record with over $500,000,000 in transactions.Cardone has demonstrated twenty-five years of disciplined philosophy focused on income producing affordable housing in tertiary markets. These markets are often overlooked by large funds due to some barriers of entry. There are also value-add opportunities providing the management team the possibility to increase income and monthly cash-on-cash returns while improving the long-term value of property.All property selection goes through a systematic four stage due diligence process led by Mr. Cardone, a team of internal staff and underwriters Mr. Cardone has been working with for years.

  1. A constant flow of deals is sent to Mr.Cardone for review.
  2. The property is then selected by Mr. Cardone from a subjective and objective evaluation.
  3. Property is then underwritten by Mr. Cardone and internal team to very conservative cash on cash expectations based on worse case scenarios.
  4. The deal is then sent to an external underwriter who does an independent UW using very conservative standards and worse case scenarios.

The deal is then either pursued or discarded. At which point a deal is selected. Mr. Cardone then moves very fast to close the transaction. As a Preferred Lender with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac our team has access to some of the best financing terms available. With Mr. Cardone’s record as a “Closer,” he is being sent deals daily by brokers and REIT’s. Cardone Acquisitions currently controls almost 4000 units in Florida, Alabama, N. Carolina, and Georgia and looking to expand to 10,000 units over the next twenty-four months.


team members

  • Grant Cardone
    Grant Cardone President & CEO
  • Ryan Tseko
    Ryan Tseko Portfolio Manager & Acquisitions
  • Sheri Hamilton
    Sheri Hamilton Executive Management
  • Calogero ‘Cal’ Santangelo
    Calogero ‘Cal’ Santangelo Financial Analyst
  • Bridge Real Estate Group
    Bridge Real Estate Group Property Management
  • William Cave
    William Cave Debt Analyst - Wells Fargo
  • Barry D.Lapides
    Barry D.Lapides Attorney/Legal Counsel - Miami
  • Dale Christensen
    Dale Christensen Physical Structure Analyst - 20 Years
  • Trey Caudle
    Trey Caudle Portfolio Project Manager
  • Melissa Hansen
    Melissa Hansen Multi-Family Real Estate Processor/Administrative Assistant


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